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Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP) - All you need to know

Published by: Sinead Woods Published date: 07 Sep 2017 Categories: Microsoft, Office 365, CSP

What is a Microsoft CSP?

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) is the new business model for customers to purchase Microsoft Online Services and receive support through approved Microsoft Partners.  CSP enables businesses to not only migrate workloads to the cloud but also prepare for future possibilities and opportunities as they evolve and grow. Microsoft are encouraging their SMB customers to work with appointed CSP providers in managing their license requirements around office 365. 

Why do Microsoft want to move their SMB customers to the CSP platform? 

With 100 million office 365 users (and growing), it is incumbent on small and medium-sized enterprises to be aware of the challenge faced by Microsoft in providing support to such a vast number of end users. To that end they have appointed key Microsoft Gold certified partners such as Codec as Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) to transition over the management and support of Office 365 licenses so that SMBs can get the level of quality support and individual attention they demand.

Microsoft CSP - All you need to know

How is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) different from other Microsoft Partners?

Unlike simply reselling Microsoft software, Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers provide direct support and billing for Microsoft Online Services. To maintain privacy and security of Microsoft customers, only qualified Microsoft Gold Cloud Partners are approved into the CSP program. Microsoft Cloud Solution partners also offer a range of additional value added services (discount of 10%) and support which can enhance the experience of using Office 365.

Using a CSP partner means customers have access to the depth of knowledge and skills of an application platform partner such as Codec to help enable companies to unlock the full potential of their office 365 suite of software and to maximise the benefits for their own particular business requirements.

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How will this change impact my business?

There is no disruption to your business or your online services – it’s almost as simple as hitting a switch. Moreover, your CSP partner will be able to offer a discount on your existing subscription pricing, and are also in a position to offer greater flexibility in contract terms and payment methods.  

See how easy it is to switch to Codec as your CSP

All infrastructure and customer data will remain at Microsoft's highly secure datacenters, you are simply billed by Codec (with the discounted price) instead of Microsoft (the transaction can be carried out via ACH, invoice, or credit card). Likewise, support is provided locally by Codec for faster response and resolution.

It’s also worth stressing that Managed Services are included as part of the contract.  This means the customer has access to the Servicedesk who themselves have access to the portal and can provide instant license provision as required.  Tech updates and reporting are also provided as part of the service. Less demand on your IT team means more time for them to focus on other vital tasks in your workplace.

What do I need to do for this change?

You can rest assured that you will have very little to do unless Codec is not delegated as your Partner of Record, in which case you’ll have to get your IT team to look into deployment, installation, configuration, updates, support and more. You’ll also have to get the finance people involved in ensuring licensing and billing are attended to.  

Or you could just go with Codec and we'll do all that work for you - we will simply contact you for authorization. At conversion, you are invoiced by Codec for the next 30-day billing cycle. Microsoft billing is terminated with any credit submitted to customers directly by Microsoft. Subsequent Codec invoices are issued at the first of each month.

Can I enter or stop at any time?

Yes, the CSP program is based on a monthly subscription. This means that you can enter in any month of the calendar year and stop at any time. With Codec you get the flexibility to alter your subscription, in terms of numbers or services on a month to month basis.

Why should I choose CSP?

CSP is a program providing you with your all your Office 365 subscriptions and services in one place.  There are many benefits to moving to a CSP including lower costs, flexible billing options, managed services and support provided as part of the contract, and all through one invoicing partner.  With local industry knowledge and expertise, you will get the best possible support, as well as the benefit of working with a partner skilled in the full Microsoft stack, thus enabling you to fully capitalise on your investment in your office 365 subscription.  

Top 7 Benefits of using a Microsoft CSP 

Codec awarded Microsoft Cloud Soutions Provider Partner Status